The Greenport Historical Society is a friendly group interested in local, State and national history. We always welcome members, friends, and students to volunteer to support the activities of the Society. As the Shakers were fond of saying, “Many hands make light work.”  You can spend as little or as much time as you might have available, doing things that fit your schedule, interests and skills.

We have opportunities in our Collections Committee for those interested in the preservation, organization and cataloging of material such as photographs, postcards, books, newspaper articles, and donated objects. Long-time residents of the area may be able to assist with the identification of photographs and, especially, provide valuable information concerning aspects of life in the Hudson area.  Outreach to the community to make people aware of the value of material that should be preserved for the future has been a particularly enjoyable activity for some of our members. It has led to situations where photographs, written material, needlework, and militaria have been saved and preserved so that they do not deteriorate and are available for the community to enjoy and learn from.

Grant-writing skills could be put to good use as well as the writing of material for the website and newsletter.  Research using the Society’s resources is encouraged. Students who would like to work for high school and/or college credit can be accommodated with a plan approved by the student’s advisor.

Our Refreshments Committee organizes light refreshments for each of our monthly meetings and volunteers have gladly demonstrated their baking talents a time or two during the year to the delight of the other members.  Help in setting up the meeting room and closing up after the meeting programs is always welcome.

The Toll Gate Committee is delighted to get the assistance of volunteers who are comfortable with construction methods and hands-on work. Gather together some friends for a project or come to make new friends who have the same interests.